Favorite Gigs Ever?:

"Clash of The Titans in mid-‘92 and I think it was just the fact that you had 3 of the greatest metal bands ever, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth. And then here was this unknown band called Alice In Chains that nobody had heard of at the time. It was so vastly different."

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I also wrote a song for Corey’s Sideburns but can’t remember around what time. I need to find that post ASAP guys.

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Woah, I’m reading my 2nd anniversary post which was in March and realized that 6 months later, I grew a whole 1K and my feels are fucking high.

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What do you think of Marilyn Manson???

Asked by roman-anarchy

Awe man. I love his music, his image really draws me in more. He’s been in some controversial issues but when isn’t a different artist in that situation? I like him, love him :)

Thanks for asking!

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